You don't have to be the only one paying for toilet paper.

Equal splits your bills, shares the costs and gives you an overview of your debts. Forget about doing the math at the end of a vacation or uneven household expenses.

Easily share your expenses

You don’t want to waste time flicking through screens with endless options for a Falafel payment. Equal keeps it simple!

Stay in sync with everyone

Equal keeps everyone up to date on new expenses. Even if they haven't signed up for Equal yet. And if your friends don't remember that a Lannister always pays his debts, you can easily send a reminder.

Remember where you spent your money

Easily add annotations and locations to your expenses to remember what they were for.

Lots of new things to come

There are tons of new features coming. Offline usability and offline sync - in case you are not connected to the internet - are coming this fall.

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Tracking your expenses with Equal is fast and easy.

up to date

Equal always stays in sync and remembers what you paid for.


Annotate your expenses and never forget what they were for.

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